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Many sea anglers enjoy the variety of sea fishing and participate in both shore and boat fishing.


Beach fishing allows the angler to get away from it all. Beaches offer a challenging fishing for the sea angler. With the exception of lure fishing, beach fishing is usally for bottom feeding species.


Many beaches offer great fishing over the winter.


Sea anglers enjoy beacause it requires a higher level of rig making and bait presentation skills.


Beach fishing can be great for species such as Bass, Codling, Dogfish, Smoothounds and Whiting, as well as Flatfish and Rays.


Boat fishing is very popular. It gives the angler scope to range further afield in search of bigger fish or a particular species.


Wreck reef and Sandbank fishing is available within a short distance of the coast. You can fish for a wide variety of species if the weather is good. If the weather is bad, many boat skippers will turn to inshore harbours which will offer different challenges and different species.




Many sea anglers enjoy the variety of