Fishing Supplies Andover



The major source of bait for most anglers is a tackle shop, where an array of fresh, frozen and artificial baits are available, for all fishing disciplines.


Ragworm is the most common sea fishing baits and can be dug up from beaches or bought by weight.


The shop is also a great place of information, helping the angler know what is catching, where and bait used. So for all your fishing supplies, tackle to bait make sure you come to us.


We also stock these frozen baits:

  • Squid

  • Peeler crab

  • Hermit crab

  • Sand eels

  • Cuttle fish

  • Razor fish

  • Mackerel (Whole/Joeys/Mini)

  • Mackerel fillets

  • Blueys

  • Black Lug

  • Limpets